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Need to spice up your sex life a bit?

which a touch of eroticism is added. 

The Massage  allows them to recharge their batteries, improve and develop their self-awareness. Ideal to practice in couple, the Massage  stimulates body and mind and helps to surpass oneself. The Relaxing Massage  frees the body of all its muscular tension and all its stress and spiritually it stimulates the imagination and makes the mind favorable to meditative practices.

The body is massaged in its entirety. 

In the first stage you will be invited to be in the receive, in the second stage the massage  , you will be invited to give with the same quality of touch, so it is a massage of exchanges

The well-being massage allows the mind to get rid of daily concerns and the body to relax. With warming, edible oils  


  • Californian 

  • Gentle relaxation massage

    30min              100€

      60mins              130€

      1h30               180€

  • Massage  tantric sensual erogenous zones

    30min               130€

      60mins              150€

      1h30min            200€



This is a massage technique of Japanese origin, practiced using a 98% natural non-greasy MASSAGE GEL, made from the powerful NORI seaweed, extracts of Aloe Vera, grapefruit and chamomile, it is extremely moisturizing and pleasant to use. Transparent, tasteless and odorless and DELICIOUSLY SLIPPERY, it is perfect for long Body-Body massage sessions. 

They then coat themselves generously with gel, in order to practice an intensely slippery massage.

A new experience and skin-deep pleasure that awakens the senses 
Enter the world of RELAXING MASSAGE  and discover the pleasure of fully lubricated bodies! ​


The  hot wax , it is a molten resin that traps hairs, whether short, fine, long or coarse, and pulls them out with their root. It comes in the form of small resin balls to melt. Applied to the skin using a wooden spatula or a roll-on which pours a dose of wax continuously, the depilatory wax, once dry, is torn off with a sharp blow. It is most effective when hot because its heat opens the pores of the skin: the hair then comes out more easily.


Hair removal

  • Nuru

  • A Japanese massage with hot or cold gels

    30min            230€

      60mins           280€

      1h30            400€

  • Nuru Sensual Awakening 

  • Go to the essence of extreme desire with this intense reciprocal experience

    30min                     280€

    60mins                     350€

    1h30                      500€

Torso                  30€

Stomach                20€

Back shoulder            50€

Back                    40€

1/2 Arm               30€

whole arm            60€

single jersey         40€

American Jersey      50€

Full suit         70€

Legs                50€

  • The VIP 

  • A massage of  mixed  tantric  reciprocal body-body

    30min            150€

    60mins            250€

    1h30             350€

  • The VIP 

  • To discover a sweet blend  to share the shower  sensuality

    60mins                    250€

    1h30                     320€

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