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A  hostesses you  will welcome and guide you throughout your journey with us

By visiting us you agree to remain calm and respectful throughout the duration of the massage. Relaxation massage  is a technique of relaxation, and is in no way a sexual act. The quality of the masseuse's touch makes it possible to establish a relationship of trust with the person being massaged, without creating psychological or emotional ascendancy. The emphasis is on the irreproachable hygiene of the facilities and the team. The massage is a massage workshop subject to conditions which will be explained to you before the session by the hostess.

We  opens the doors to our living room  well-being and relaxation massage, in relaxation and bodily benefits.

Discover all of our top-of-the-range services from a wide choice that make us so successful, such as massages 

All our services are designed to immerse you in relaxation. 

A  hostesses you  will welcome and guide you throughout your journey with us.

We you  guaranteeing a friendly, warm and informal atmosphere. Considerate hostesses who welcome you warmly and who are able to inform you about our wide variety of massages. And there are of course our professional and passionate masseuses  – who know exactly how to realize your ultimate massage fantasies with their hands and their body ( body to body massage ).

Our massages consist of practiced with heated and cold oils and gels maintained at temperature throughout the duration of the massage

Also hair removal



If you wish to leave a tip, do so at the end of the session.

NOTE it is important that things are clear between us.

Acts wrongful by law are prohibited. Any proposal of sexual acts by a client or the masseuse.

are strictly prohibited.

Respect and verbal and physical courtesy are required, the conditions are not debatable under penalty of definitive exclusion from our establishments.

Without refund  possible.


massage tantrique naturiste nuru bien-etre erotique sensuel


massage tantrique naturiste nuru erotique sensuel
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